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Blaise Pascal once said, “Chess is the gymnasium of the mind” so here’s an equally mind taxing quiz on many aspects of the granddaddy of strategy games, available for Android devices (version 6 onwards) with Apple iPhone and iPad version coming soon. ChessTriv II will test your knowledge of Chess with three categories.  These are – General Knowledge, Chess People and Early Game Positions. Each category has three difficulty levels for you to progress through.

You have 150 seconds to answer 15 questions in each game. Each difficulty level is unlocked by answering all 15 questions correctly in a preceeding level game within the category.

ChessTriv II has a set of high score tables.  Two high score tables are maintained for each category of quiz, one for the high scores on your device and another for the world high scores.  You can of course choose not to submit your high scores.

There are comprehensive settings which can be altered by the player for sound, music and which tables you would like to submit your scores to (World, Device or not at all).



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